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Energy Bill Crisis: Common Appliances Can Add Hundreds of Dollars to Energy Bills


British Gas has highlighted appliances which can add up to £290 a year to a family’s energy bill, even when switched off. The company even calls them “vampire” devices because of the way they suck power from the mains even when turned off.

UK households are being warned of five ‘vampire’ appliances that can add hundreds to their bill.

As the cost of living continues to rise, it’s worth highlighting appliances that can make an energy bill even more expensive than it already is.

These everyday appliances may be turned off, but they can still drive up the cost of a household’s energy bill.

According to British Gas, up to 23% of UK household energy consumption could be powering vampire appliances.

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He said: “These are electrical devices, chargers and lights all over your house, devices that suck power from the mains – constantly – even when you think they’re off.”

The five devices guilty of sucking power from the mains are a standby Hi-Fi system, a standby Sky box, an unused laptop charger, a standby TV and a standby printer.

An unused Hi-Fi system and Sky Box each cost a household £73 a year.

Meanwhile, an unused laptop charger costs £60 a year.

The same applies to dishwashers, washing machines, game consoles and computers.

It’s worth considering when energy bills soar to new heights from next month.

From April 1, the new Ofgem energy cap will allow suppliers to charge up to 54% more for their tariffs, although each company is allowed to offer variable tariffs.

This means that the rise in the energy price cap could cause the typical UK household to pay £693 more a year.