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Dyson develops robots that do household chores


Close up of the Dyson luxury vacuum cleaner company logo on the end of the vacuum cleaner. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

Do you hate doing housework like, say, the dishes? Well, robots might soon be able to help you with that.

At the International Robotics and Automation Conference on Wednesday, Dyson announced that it is currently hiring people in the field of robotics to help develop household robots able to perform various household and other tasks.

A video, which was posted on social media, showcased the latest developments in Dyson’s robotic hands for grabbing objects, indicating the tech company is moving beyond its floor-standing robotic vacuum cleaners.

The tech company is currently halfway through its engineering recruitment campaign, with 2,000 people joining the team this year alone.


Robotics being developed to perform chores and other tasks. (Credit: Dyson)

Dyson is boosting its robotics ambitions by hiring 250 robotics engineers in disciplines including computer vision, machine learning, sensors and mechatronics, and plans to hire an additional 700 robotics people over the next few years. next five years.

Robotics_Dyson (10)

Dyson has announced that it will hire people in the field of robotics to help develop household robots capable of performing various household and other tasks. (Credit: Dyson)

The company says its master plan is to create the UK’s largest and most advanced robotics center at Hullavington Aerodrome and ‘bring the technology into our homes by the end of the decade’ .

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“Dyson employed its first roboticist 20 years ago and this year alone we are looking for 250 additional experts for our team,” wrote Jake Dyson, the company’s chief engineer. “This is a ‘big bet’ on future robotics technology that will drive research across Dyson, in areas including mechanical engineering, vision systems, machine learning and storage. energy. We need the best people in the world to join us now.”

This story was reported from Los Angeles.