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Dublin firefighters share home appliance fire warning as they highlight common mistake


Dublin firefighters have issued a reminder to the public about the dangers of operating household appliances at certain times of the day.

If you’re planning on leaving the house or going to bed, it’s not safe to have things like washing machines, dryers, or dishwashers on in the meantime.

These devices get extremely hot when turned on and can cause fires in the home, so it is essential that homeowners only use them during the day and when someone is at home to respond to any malfunctions.

Consumers should also regularly check the filters as well as the manufacturer’s website for any recalls or safety upgrades, to avoid the worst-case scenario of a fire in your home.

In a Twitter post this morning, the Dublin Fire Department wrote; “You should not use a washing machine, dryer or dishwasher after going to bed or while you are away. Regularly clean their filters.

“Check the manufacturer’s website to see if your device is undergoing a recall or safety upgrade. “

This week also marks Fire Safety Week, and therefore, authorities have warned that you should walk around your house every night and make sure to:

  • Unplug all unnecessary electrical appliances.
  • Turn off all unnecessary gas appliances.
  • Make sure all candles and open flames are out.
  • Place a fire screen in front of any open fire.
  • Empty all ashtrays
  • Are all escape routes completely clear of obstacles?
  • Close all doors to reduce the spread of fire and smoke

In the event of a fire, you must:

  • Keep your exits / exits clear at all times
  • Whether you discover the fire or your smoke detector warns you, stay calm and put your escape plan into action
  • Sound the alarm. Wake everyone up and get everyone out as quickly as possible, helping or picking up the very young or vulnerable in the household
  • Check the doors with the back of your hand – do not open them if they are hot. This means that the
  • the fire is on the other side. Only open the doors you need to exit the house
  • If there is smoke, crawl close to the ground where the air will be cleaner
  • Don’t look for the cause of the fire
  • Meet at a meeting point outside your house and make sure everyone is out
  • Call the fire department on 999 or 112 from a phone booth, cell phone or neighbor’s house
  • Don’t go back until the fire department tells you it’s safe