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Do women bear the burden of household chores simply because they are efficient?

The burden of household chores can be backbreaking, especially in cases where women are solely responsible. However, navigating through the pile of washed and dried clothes waiting to be folded and put away in the closet, one might wonder why the to-do list we women never stop at? Could the reason be that women always bite off more than they can, or rather should, chew? Is it because we are trained from an early age to be effective, thus giving our partners an opportunity to slack off?

I know working women who wake up before dawn to ensure that their loved ones’ lives are convenient even while they are away. They will prepare everyone’s breakfast and lunch, they will help the children organize their school bags and push them to get ready on time, they will even load the washing machine, iron the necessary clothes every member, shine shoes and make beds. It’s not like they can get up once they get home from work – same ordeal, different tasks. Housewives must accomplish these tasks and more, because “din bhar to tum ghar me hi rehti hois seen as a valid excuse to relieve women of unpaid work in all households.

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There is another reason why women end up with most household chores – they are perceived or conditioned to think of themselves as experts in performing these tasks.. She’s the one who can make sabzi so delicious you’ll lick your fingers later, why should the family settle for less? She knows the monthly list of kiranas by heart, so it’s best for her to go to the supermarket and buy it, why bother sending someone less efficient to do the chores? No one can fold or iron clothes as neatly as her. Shoes have a better shine, uniforms look crispier when handled by her. She can do ten chores in the time it takes you to complete one. She is an expert, why should he, the husband, even bother.

It turns out that for women, their efficiency is their biggest downfall. But then, what makes us so effective? Are we born multitaskers, or is it something that’s instilled in all girls from childhood? Weren’t most of us told to help in the kitchen or do odd jobs like drying clothes when we were young? We managed these chores alongside our extracurricular activities and studies. We were taunted, encouraged to be efficient, because that’s what makes you a great mother and wife. To be ineffective is not even an option for women. How many families raise boys to the same standards?

This does not mean that boys should be taught to excel, but simply that they should be encouraged to feel effective and to share the burden of household chores, believing that they are their responsibility, as much as they are. partner. No one is efficient by choice, but women should also have the option of being able to depend on their partner to take care of half the household chores. Only then can they not see “inefficiency” as a shameful trait. Only then will they check their tendency to go overboard when performing household chores.

Housework shouldn’t be about efficiency, it should be about equality, kindness and caring. So, who takes care of the women in the household?

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