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Daily household chores can also help with weight loss, here’s how


Time and time again, we’ve come across internet influencers and fitness enthusiasts who share great weight loss tips, exercises, and guides. As fun as it sounds, it’s usually impossible to make time for a workout when you’re part of the fast-paced city life. You have to manage your work and personal life, and after returning from the office, you have to tackle many household chores, leaving no time for them to practice at home. When you are already putting so much effort into these chores, why not turn them into effective exercises. So we have collected some daily chores and daily tasks that will help you shed those extra pounds.

  • Choose stairs over elevators and escalators

From now on, swear that whenever you have to choose between stairs and escalators, you will always choose stairs over easy machines. If your floor is too high to reach on foot, you can take the elevator, but while choosing your floor number, always opt for two or three floors below your destination. So that you involve the stairs a bit in your routine and remember to set yourself a new goal each week by adding one more floor to climb.

We all spend most of our time talking on the phone, whether it’s with family, friends or colleagues. So why not turn this in our favor? Every time you get a call, whether it’s for five minutes or 30 minutes, always walk and talk, that way you won’t even realize you’re working out and can burn extra calories just by working out or catching up with someone. ‘a.

Obviously, cleaning is a daily practice, and most of us have hired help by now. Why not do it ourselves? While washing the dishes is great exercise for our arms, brushing and sweeping will tighten your core and allow you to reap the benefits of squats.

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