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Connect! Unite! Act! Household chores don’t go on vacation


I have to tell you that the job I dreaded the most was cleaning the walls. When I had two toddlers a few years ago, 20 years ago to be exact, the sight of Crayola or a pen on a wall made me cringe. I was staring at him and cursing under my breath, thinking, am I going to have to paint that creepy wall? Suddenly Magic Eraser and similar products came along and I found out that no, I didn’t need to do that!

Adhesive wall art has become popular thanks to websites like Etsy. You simply peeled it off its backing sheet and stuck it to the wall. It looked great! And by using it during the holidays, you get a shiny and beautiful material. Until you tried to remove the early versions of the stickers and found that they were peeling paint off if you weren’t being exceptionally careful. I later discovered the use of a hair dryer or a remote heat gun.

Some household chores never, ever got better. In our new house, I no longer have a dishwasher. I hadn’t realized exactly how much I relied on this in my previous experience, but doing the dishes at night has become one of those chores that I sit on and face, especially as someone who loves to cook. frequently. Oh, I scrub and clean measuring cups, mixing spoons, pots, dishes, silverware, coffee cups, glasses. How soon do I plan to have a dishwasher again? Okay, this one is rising on my priority list.

Take out the trash, vacuum the floors, care for pets and animals, including a currently running free hamster that has occupied a spot under a bed and refuses to come out. Take care of the lawn, prune bushes, talk to vendors about cutting down a tree, installing a new electrical outlet, unclogging a drain, cleaning a pea trap, the mop.

Robot vacuum cleaners? Get out of here. When you have mixed flooring, you might as well scream into the void with these robots jamming so often that you notice you might as well keep picking them up and moving them around or using a regular vacuum cleaner. I would offer a few thoughts on famous brands, but I could just say that there are some supposedly “wonder” vacuums that I’m really, really not impressed with.

As a young kid, I had assumed that robots or the cool fact of having income as an adult would make an adult the absolute best experience. Make no mistake, becoming an adult is pretty cool. I have no problem telling myself: I want to make a precise recipe today and to do it. I really appreciate that. Some chores I love too – wielding a chainsaw is a pretty nice feeling that you don’t get as a young child.

When I look forward to 2022, I don’t imagine household chores are going to be gone anytime soon. And you? Which chore is your favorite, your least favorite? Is there a household chore that’s so enjoyable for you that you never consider it a chore – to me it’s cooking – and you love it when it shows up? Is there something that you dread so much that you wait for your partner or a child to take care of it? In our home, it appears to be, “I spotted a spider, so you will take care of it.” “

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