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Cleaning Expert Says Descaling Your Kettle With Household Items Will Make It Like New


Cleaning experts have shared the household items you can use to descale your kettle and make it look like new – without splashing on expensive products

Limescale buildup can prevent your kettle from working properly (stock photo)

If you live in an area with hard water, you’ve probably come across limescale.

The product is the result of dissolved limescale present in hard water, and you will often see it build up on your taps and inside your kettle if left untreated.

Limestone is not harmful to drinking, but the buildup can clog appliances such as the kettle and can reduce their performance and lifespan if left too long – so it’s important to clean your kettle regularly.

And while you can use descaling products to get the job done, cleaning experts have claimed that you can use some common household items to fix the problem for a lot less, The sun reports.

You can clean your kettle using simple household items (stock photo)


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Lemon juice

If you don’t already have lemons or bottles of lemon juice for cooking, you can pick up bottles for as little as 60p for a 250ml bottle at Sainsbury’s, or 65p for the same size at Morrisons.

According to experts, you can use lemon juice to remove all traces of limescale from your kettle – and the method is super easy to do.

First fill the kettle halfway with lemon juice before filling it with water. Then boil the mixture and let it sit for half an hour.

Once the scale begins to come off the sides of your kettle, pour in the lemon juice and water, making sure to rinse the kettle thoroughly before normal use.

Distilled white vinegar

White vinegar is a fan favorite among cleaning gurus, as the product seems to work wonders for making a variety of surfaces shine again – kettles included.

All you have to do is fill your kettle halfway with water and top up the other half with vinegar.

Boil the kettle and pour out the liquid before filling it with water and boiling it again to remove any vinegar taste from your kettle that would otherwise ruin your next cup of tea.

Experts say this step may need to be repeated more than once to rid your kettle of all the limescale, and if you have sensitive skin, gloves are recommended, as the vinegar can be irritating.

Baking soda

Another household cleaning staple, bicarb can be used to remove small amounts of limescale from your kettle, but isn’t suitable for larger jobs that require something heavier.

Just like the other methods, you should start by filling your kettle with water before adding a full tablespoon of baking soda to the liquid.

Then boil the kettle and let the mixture sit for an hour before pouring it out and rinsing it out.

And like the vinegar method, be sure to boil it again with just water to remove any residual bicarbs that might make your next cup of tea taste weird.

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