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Change the contents of the house: blankets with sleeves, slow cookers and sewing machines ready to soar

  • Ownership of “sleeved blankets” is expected to increase by 113% by the end of the year
  • Sales of electric blankets, air fryers and thermal underwear are expected to increase
  • Three in five UK adults buy household items to cope with rising energy/living costs
  • The owners also plan to install stoves, heat pumps and solar panels

Sales of sleeved blankets, vacuum flasks, long johns and even sewing machines are set to increase, according to new research from Aviva.

The insurer’s latest ‘How We Live’ study of 2,000 UK adults examines how the contents of the home may change in light of the rising cost of living and higher energy bills.

It suggests that three-fifths (61%) of the population will buy new items or make changes to their homes this year, to face the challenges ahead. The survey shows which items are most likely to fly off the shelves.

Blankets in various forms are especially popular. The survey suggests a 113% increase in the number of adults owning a ‘sleeved blanket’ by the end of the year, while electric blanket owners could increase by 89%. People using traditional blankets and heavy duvets could also see an upsurge, with the study suggesting a 35% increase by the end of the year.

Energy efficient kitchen appliances are also on people’s wish list. The study suggests air fryers could be found in almost half of UK homes by the end of 2022, an increase of 89% over the year. Ownership of vacuum flasks is expected to increase by 44%, while slow cookers/pressure cookers could increase by 35%.

Staying warm is naturally on people’s minds. The number of people investing in thermal underwear is expected to increase by three-quarters (73%) by the end of the year, while owners of small heaters for single rooms could increase by two-thirds (67%). Peaks are also expected for hot water bottles (up 33%) and dressing gowns (up 26%).

There is even a suggestion that people could save money by making their own clothes, with those who own sewing machines increasing by 60%.

Aviva’s research suggests that ownership of a number of household items is expected to increase:

Kelly Whittington, UK Property Claims Manager for Aviva, says: “External forces and societal trends often impact the items we keep in and around our homes – and even the structures of our properties themselves. With living expenses being at the forefront of people’s minds, it’s only natural that they make changes to help reduce costs.

“By monitoring how people live and what possessions they may have, we can assess the inherent risks to help individuals protect their homes and belongings.”

There is also evidence that people can make changes to the fabric of their homes, as well as the contents of their homes with stoves and real fires that could double by the end of the year. The number of residents considering solar panels has also skyrocketed: 7% of those polled said they already have them, while a total of 19% of UK adults plan to have them in their homes by the end of the day. end of 2022, almost triple the initial number.

Kelly Whittington adds“While many of these planned purchases are smaller and unlikely to affect people’s home coverage, we urge people to be careful when ordering electrical items and not to buy only from reputable suppliers and manufacturers.We have seen an increase in fire claims from faulty chargers, so we encourage people to be on their guard.

“We also recommend people contact their insurer if they are considering making substantial changes to their home, such as installing solar panels or installing a real fire. By doing this, people can be sure they have the right coverage for their needs, no matter what changes they have made.


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