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BSH Household to manufacture dishwashers in India as pandemic fuels demand


BSH Household to manufacture dishwashers in India as pandemic fuels demand


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New Delhi, February 24 (PTI) With the demand for dishwashers increasing around the world due to the pandemic and supplies becoming an issue, BSH Household Appliances – part of the German technology and service company, the Bosch group – plans to start manufacturing the device in India, a senior company official said on Wednesday.

The group, which plans to invest 100 million euros (over Rs 870 crore) in its household appliances segment over the next 3 to 4 years to personalize solutions, strengthen the brand, strengthen the technology center and studies user experience, and amplify India’s role globally. , is also looking to start manufacturing top loading washing machines in India as well.

“The dishwasher is a product that actually got us back on our feet after zero sales in April (2020 during lockdown). We were already a market leader … we have over 55-60 percent market share in this segment and it’s a very, very young and small segment in India, ”said Neeraj Bahl, Managing Director and CEO of BSH Household, during a virtual press conference.

When asked about the increased demand for dishwashers after the pandemic, he said previous people weren’t serious about it, but COVID-19 has not only given the business a new opportunity. but also to competitors.

Elaborating on the strength of demand, he said, the company grew by more than 60% in 2020. The industry also grew at the same level and without the supply the growth would have been greater, he added.

Stating that the supply constraint for dishwashers is not limited to India only, Bahl said, “So far the trend if you see 2021 around the world, if we run our factories 24 hours, 365 days, we will be short of 700,000 (units) of dishwashers. “

So, he said, “We are planning to move (manufacturing) dishwashers to India. A business case has been presented, God willing, maybe we will start (manufacture) dishwashers in India within the next two years. We will be the only company (in India) to do this because we have the capacity and the space in our factory in Chennai. “

Currently, BSH Household imports dishwashers from Bosch factories in Europe, mainly Turkey and Germany.

Commenting on BSH Household’s long-term manufacturing strategy in India, Bahl said the company has strategies in place to manufacture more products locally.

“We are in the process of establishing our refrigerator factory in Chennai,” he said, adding that the factory will also manufacture cooktops in the future as well as top loading washing machines which are imported now.

Bahl said the company has so far manufactured 1.3 million washing machines for India since it started producing front loaders in 2014. It has also deployed one million mixer-crushers since start of production in 2018 and 2 lakh units of “modern chulha” targeted. among rural consumers since 2019.

“So probably for India we will spend around Rs 300 crore over the next two years on manufacturing,” he said, adding that overall the company is looking at quadruple growth by 2025 .

Bosch said its goal is to make home appliances smarter, more powerful, efficient and easier to use and has steadily expanded its product portfolio, with a focus on localized offerings and early Indian innovations built with the highest German engineering quality.

Bosch Home Appliances will invest 100 million euros (over Rs 870 crore) over the next 3-4 years in customizing solutions, strengthening the brand, strengthening its technology center and UX studies (user experience ), and the amplification of India’s role in the world, “It said.

In the coming years, Bosch will mainly focus on connectivity with its IoT-based product solutions, strengthen its entry-level portfolio, showcase relevant products and new digital business models for customer value (D2C). , he added. PTI RKL



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