Home Household items Borrow practical household items from Dalston’s new object library

Borrow practical household items from Dalston’s new object library


A new Library of Things, where people will be able to borrow household items for less than they would elsewhere, has opened at the Dalston CLR James Library.

The council-funded project helps people save money and reduce waste by renting useful items like drills, carpet cleaners and sewing machines at affordable prices.

It also helps people to share practical skills like DIY and repair with other members of the community.

Opened as a partnership between Hackney Council, Library of Things and Sustainable Hackney, Dalston’s Library of Things will also help people borrow rather than buy, reducing their impact on the planet.

People will be able to borrow a power drill for as little as £7 a day, less than half the average high street rental, sewing machines for £7, a steam cleaner for £8 and an audio system and a microphone for £. 10 per day. A 25% discount is also available for people receiving a pension or government assistance or people who are not working, have children to support or other dependants.

Items are reserved online at Object Library website, before being collected from a kiosk on the ground floor of the Dalston CLR James Library.

Library of Things is now open in six locations across London. Over 5,000 people have now checked out items over 10,000 times, saving around 40 tonnes of landfill waste and 88 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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