Home Household items An urgent warning has been issued as a common household item nearly burns down the HOUSE during a scorching heatwave

An urgent warning has been issued as a common household item nearly burns down the HOUSE during a scorching heatwave


AN IRISH WOMAN has issued an urgent warning to homeowners after her mirror nearly set her house on fire.

Tara Harrison, a digital media producer from Dublin, shared a shocking image of a wooden chest of drawers that had been burned by a nearby mirror.


The image shows a wooden chest of drawers scorched by the rays of the sun reflecting off a mirrorCredit: Twitter

take it Twitter account, she said, “Be careful where you leave your mirrors in this sun!

“Luckily it didn’t ignite properly, but omg.”

Mirrors are often overlooked as an important firestarter, but when they come into contact with direct sunlight, they can reflect or even amplify the sun’s rays.

And if left unchecked in the presence of flammable household items, such as a wooden chest of drawers, they can pose a serious fire hazard.

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This is especially the case with more intense make-up mirrors, which can further intensify the sun’s rays when reflecting.

Homeowners should be acutely aware of where their mirror is located in times of extreme heat or sunshine, such as the sizzling 31 degrees Celsius that is set to hit Ireland this week.

Fortunately, Tara’s post caught the attention of Dublin firefighters, who shared a “really important message” to Irish homeowners.

They noted that as the sun moves throughout the day, a mirror that was hidden in the shade in the morning could be in its line of sight in the afternoon.

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They said, “Thank you for sharing this Tara.

“The sun moves across the sky during the day as you can see from the straight line.

“So maybe the sun is not on the mirror in the morning, but maybe later in the day.

Another commenter noted that mirrors aren’t the only devices guilty of reflecting the sun’s rays.

They said, “Not just mirrors, potentially anything that glitters.”


Separately, an Irish woman has warned the public not to follow recent money-saving advice to use appliances like the washing machine or dishwasher late at night.

It comes as Irish prices have soared 6.7% over the past year, prompting most people to reconsider how they spend their money.

It has been suggested that homeowners could save money by using major appliances during off-peak hours.

The government is considering introducing mandatory hourly electricity pricing to address the cost of living crisis.

However, one woman expressed concern about the dangers of following this advice.

speaking on TEN Liveline, Anne said: ‘Be very careful. When I heard that we recommend [using] appliances late at night, I was flabbergasted.

“I had a new washing machine, I washed it. I was sitting in the other room and looking into the kitchen. Then I could smell it burning.

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“Luckily there was a glass door and I just looked through the glass door and thick black smoke was coming from my machine. First time I used it, brand new.

Anne told herself that “never again” would she use major appliances late at night.