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Amazon Prime Early Access Sale deals on household and cleaning essentials


In case you didn’t already know, Amazon is hosting a second Prime Day event from October 11-12, which the online giant is calling the Prime Early Access Sale.

Much like its usual 48-hour shopping, you can expect huge discounts on tech, including laptops, appliances, and household essentials.

Offering the perfect opportunity to save money on everything from cleaning supplies and pet food to toilet paper and diapers, the shopping bonanza is the perfect time to stock up on essentials.

During the Prime Day event, you can expect huge savings on all your favorite brands, including Method, Fairy, Finish and Dettol, leaving you well equipped to tackle daily household chores.

If you want to know what you can expect from the best essential household deals, including dates and what was on offer at previous Prime Day events, read on for everything you need to know.

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When will deals on household essentials start on Amazon Prime Day?

For the first time, Amazon is hosting two Prime Day events in one year, which is great news for the bargain hunters among us. If you’re wondering when deals will start on household essentials, we’re expecting them to land on the big day itself, which is Tuesday, October 11, through October 12.

Do you need Amazon Prime to shop for Prime Day household essentials deals?

Yes, to access the discounts during the event you must have an Amazon Prime membership, so we recommend Register nowso you don’t miss any of the best offers.

What to expect from Prime Day home essentials deals in 2022

Prime Day is known for its huge discounts on everything you might need, and that applies to your household essentials. If you’re wondering what to expect, you can probably get a good deal on diapers, pet food, and cleaning supplies.

Best Prime Day deals for early UK household essentials

If you can’t wait for the big shopping bargain on October 11 and 12, the good news is that you can access some seriously awesome early discounts on essentials – and as bargain hunters business that we are, we are here to share them with you.


If dishwasher tablets are the order of the day, you’ll be glad to know that a pack of 100 Ultimate Dishwasher Tablets from Finish (was £30, now £15, Amazon.co.uk) has been reduced by 50%. Promising to leave your dishes clean and shiny, it’s a great choice.


Likewise, the discount on Andrex toilet paper is equally impressive (was £18, now £13.33, Amazon.co.uk), which will save you 25% on 24 reels. Alternatively, for something more eco-friendly, take advantage of The Cheeky Panda’s 20% off bamboo toilet paper (was £4.99, now £3.95, Amazon.co.uk).


For a wonder cleanser, Cathys Candy Cart Pink Cleansing Paste (was £8.99, now £5.48, Amazon.co.uk) is an excellent all-purpose cleaner.


Another must-have is this ecoegg laundry egg (was £6.99, now £4.99, Amazon.co.uk), which serves as a greener alternative to using detergent and fabric softener as it contains mineral granules that are kinder to the planet.

Keeping with the laundry theme, if you often find your clothes losing color, enter Dr Beckmann’s Magic Laundry Detergent Sheets (was £4, now £3.40, Amazon.co.uk), which are said to offer deep cleaning and revive the color of your items.

Likewise, if you find that your washing machine is starting to smell, it’s worth investing in Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner (was £23.94, now £14.89, Amazon.co.uk). As it is a six-pack, your appliance will be cool all year round.


Looking for versatile cleaning wipes? Luckily, Amazon has reduced the price of these Dettol tru clean Antibacterial Multi-Surface Wipes (was £24, now £9.95, Amazon.co.uk). With a crisp pear scent, they promise to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

The best deals on home essentials from the UK’s Prime Day July 2022 event

Judging by the deals on household essentials during Amazon Prime Day in July, you’re in for a real treat at the fall event.


This eight-pack of Fairy washing up liquid (£20, Amazon.co.uk) has been reduced by £20 to just £12.98, which is particularly impressive, especially considering the fact that a 540ml washing up liquid retails for £3.69. In line with dishwashing essentials, Finish’s Quantum Max Dishwasher Tablets (£19.39, Amazon.co.uk) have been reduced from £26 to just £10.69.


Running out of antibacterial wipes? Well, during the Prime Day sale earlier this year, Amazon gave us 58% off these Dettol wipes (£19.99, Amazon.co.uk), so we hope to see a similar discount during the Prime Early Access sale.


Another impressive saving on July’s Prime Day was on laundry detergent. Daz wash tablets (£44.94, Amazon.co.uk) have been reduced by £9, while Lenor’s fabric softener eight-pack (£28, Amazon.co.uk) was reduced by £7. We hope to see similar offers in the next shopping period.

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