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Amazon is introducing a food processor to its fall product lineup


Move over Rosey the Robot, Amazon is rolling out technology to rival “The Jetsons.”

Astro, a three-wheeled droid who shares a name with the dog in the futuristic cartoon, can roam around your house, keep an eye on family members, and perform tasks like delivering things to someone in a car. another piece, the e-commerce giant said in its fall product unveiling tuesday.

The $999 robot has a 42-inch arm with an AI camera that can recognize faces, and also play music or TV shows on its 10-inch touchscreen.

The e-commerce giant also unveiled a flying camera that combines its Ring technology with a drone to fly over your home and take security footage, and a smart thermometer that works with Alexa.

Also revealed were a new Echo Show 15, a health-tracking band called Halo View, and an Alexa-powered voice assistant at Disney’s theme park hotels that also lets kids interact with characters from home. them.

Amazon typically introduces a slew of new products ahead of the holiday season, but historically many of them haven’t caught on.

Amazon’s Ring Always Home Cam drone is suitable for providing additional security in homes.
Amazon Echo Show published on 09/28/2021
The Echo Show 15 is the latest device in Amazon’s Echo line.
Amazon Glow is featured when announcing Amazon devices and services on September 28, 2021.
Amazon’s Glow device is designed for remote chats.
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Gadgets and devices make up only a small fraction of the company’s huge annual profits.

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