Home Household chores A woman calls out to her husband for his “worrying” attitude about household chores: “He is manipulating you”

A woman calls out to her husband for his “worrying” attitude about household chores: “He is manipulating you”


A woman is fed up with her husband who never finishes his chores.

She eventually blew him up and shared the incident on the Reddit “Am I the A ******” forum. Her husband tends to start household chores but never finishes them. Even though she got used to cleaning up after him, after years of grueling work, she has reached her limits.

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“My husband does half the housework,” she wrote. “Example: He’ll leave clean dishes in the dishwasher for days.” He will wash and dry the laundry but will not fold it or put it away. It will vacuum but not empty the vacuum when it is finished. In general, these are not rare things and are easy to resolve. However, he complains about the situations caused by the tasks not being completed. He complains that the sink is full of dirty dishes because there is nowhere to put them, the clean ones have not been put away. The laundry is left in baskets, he complains that he cannot find any underwear. The vacuum is full, it just doesn’t suck in and then complains about how much cat hair is all over the place.

Eventually she confronted him about it and he didn’t take it well.

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“At first I would go right behind him and clean up, but after seven years I’m exhausted now,” she explained. “I work over 40 hours a week with a 60-to-90-minute commute each way. He has been working from home since the start of the pandemic, almost two years now. I have asked for a little help since he got home and the half-done chores got worse. I finally broke down after asking him several times to finish the chore he had started and told him that I was not his mother and that I no longer cleaned after him. He said I’m rude and an asshole for ignoring how he feels when I criticize the way he does things. I asked him to load the dishwasher from back to front to make it easier to empty it and leave my shirts because most of mine are hanging anyway.

Reddit users thought the husband was wrong.

“I think he’s manipulating you,” someone commented.

“He’s a full-fledged adult human, he has to figure that out,” wrote another.

“It is extremely worrying. He’s wrong about this whole situation, ”one person said.

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