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9 household chores to tackle this summer


Just as we welcome the warmer months, long sunny spells and summer holidays, the work around the house should not be overlooked.

When temperatures soar, enjoying longer, lighter days can net you ten times more in the cleaning stakes – and with Covid still active, maintaining good hygiene at home is still very important.

Here, experts share their top tips on how to keep things spotless in the sun…

1. Clean your windows

“As windows are often open daily during the summer, this is a good time to clean around seals, mechanisms and thresholds,” says Sarah Dempsey, cleaning expert at MyJobQuote.

“Start by running your vacuum nozzle along the edges to remove dirt and bugs. Then use a microfiber cloth and a bucket of warm water with a few drops of dish soap to wipe it down. Dry with a cloth cool and leave the windows open for the sun to get rid of any remaining moisture.”

2. Empty your kitchen cabinets

Dempsey says summer is the perfect time to clean out kitchen cupboards and pantries: “With flies and other insects buzzing around in the summer months, it’s a good idea to make sure ‘there are no open packets of old food getting infected at the back of the shelves.’

She says get everything out, wipe the shelves clean and throw away anything inedible. Then put everything else back in place, with the food that needs to be eaten first at the front.

3. Clean around appliances

“Take the time to clean under and around the back of appliances this time of year,” suggests Dempsey. “Refrigerators, freezers and washing machines sit on legs, so dust, dirt and food debris tend to find their way underneath.”

If you don’t feel like taking out heavy units, she advises using a long-range flat duster. “The cloth type is ideal because you can first use it dry to remove dust and then dampen it with a disinfectant cleaner to remove remaining dirt.”

4. Thoroughly clean the washing machine

“Washing machines are often overlooked,” says Laura Marsden, UK marketing manager at Marigold. “You should leave the door and drawer open after washes to let the machine air out and dry, to prevent it from smelling bad.”

However, if you can’t do that, she suggests drying it off with a microfiber cloth.

“These cloths are also great for cleaning the drum/exterior of the machine, as they kill over 99% of bacteria with just water,” adds Marsden.

5. Move your bedroom furniture

“Moving bedroom furniture so you can dust and vacuum thoroughly will keep pollen and other allergens out,” Dempsey notes. “Again, you can use a long-reach flat duster to get under beds and behind furniture to minimize heavy lifting and strain.”

6. Wash ALL your bedding

“Summer is the perfect time to freshen up your bedding,” says Karen Innes, NPD manager at Slumberdown.

“The warmer months can trigger allergies, so making sure your duvet and pillows are cool and clean, and that you have a cool, quiet, comfortable place to sleep is key to getting the best night’s rest. possible.”

Did you know that you should wash your duvet and pillows, not just your duvet covers and pillowcases?

“Be sure to check the labels for washing instructions, but as a general rule, most good quality pillows and duvets can simply be thrown in the washing machine and then allowed to air dry,” says Innes. . “Warmer weather means you can dry your bedding more efficiently – and have it clean and ready to be cozy in the evening.”

7. Clean your radiators

“Due to the amount of dust that builds up over time, it’s imperative to clean your radiators thoroughly during the summer when they’re in less use,” says Jessica Steele, heating expert at radiator specialist BestHeating. design.

“You need to focus on the worst affected areas, which will be the fins inside the radiator, as this will lead to a buildup of dirt and pet hair.”

She says a few simple steps will do it. First, use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust around the heatsink, then focus on the fins using the attachments to fit inside – this will collect the majority.

“A small brush of some shape should then be used to remove any remaining dirt inside and a hair dryer can also support this by blowing out and dislodging any bits that may have become stuck,” advises Steele.

Hot soapy water and a sponge will work on the outside, leaving the radiators in excellent condition afterwards.

“Another benefit is that it will save on heating bills when radiators are in use, as it will be easier for the heat to spread around the room,” Steele adds.

8. Clean your carpets and hallways

Enjoying the warm weather means cleaning your carpets and hallways is another great summer task.

“Check the type of carpet you have first, to make sure you’re using the correct method to clean them,” notes Dempsey. “Cotton area rugs can usually be machine washed on a low setting.

“If they’re too big for your washing machine, head to your local laundromat, as their machines have bigger drums,” she suggests. “Hire a carpet cleaner to tackle wool and synthetic carpets.”

For many synthetic rugs, she notes, you can simply hang them on the clothesline and clean them with a pressure washer. “But never use this method on expensive or delicate carpets.”

9. Deep clean your trash cans

“Clean the bins thoroughly to prevent bacteria buildup and foul odors,” says Dempsey.

She says to use hot water and sanitizer to wash your trash can and put it outside in the sun.

“The heat will ensure it dries completely, and the UV rays should help kill any remaining bacteria,” Dempsey says. “Once dry, sprinkle the bottom with baking soda to absorb any bad smells.”