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8 Common Household Items That Make Dusting Your Home Easier


The dust is coming. It’s a fact of life that tiny particles of dirt, dander, insect parts and other tiny debris will settle on just about everything in your home. And it can seem like no matter how often you dust, the second you are done with the last surface, the first you dust needs another wipe down.

There may not be a way to eliminate the need to dust off your household cleaning schedule, but there are ways to make the chore more efficient by using common household items. Here are eight things you might never have thought of using for dusting.

Rubbing alcohol

If a light bulb starts to fade, it may not be that it is about to go out. It might be covered with a dust film. To bring it back to life, wipe it gently with a cloth dampened in rubbing alcohol.


Ceiling fans are easily overlooked when it comes to dusting. They are on top and you cannot easily see the dust collecting on the top of the blades. But it is there. To prevent dust from falling on your head or on the floor, take a pillowcase and slide it over the blade. When you take it off, dust will come with it and fall into the pillowcase.

Canned air

These small pressurized air boxes are perfect for blowing dust from bathroom exhaust fans. Just aim for the air and give it a good breath.

Lint brush or roller

Getting rid of dust or pet hair from fabric surfaces on furniture or lamp shades can be difficult. To make things easier, use a lint brush or lint roller to clean these surfaces.

Drying sheets

Instead of throwing away used dryer sheets when your laundry load is done, hang in there. They can be used to dust TV or computer screens. The foils not only remove dust, but they also help prevent dust from settling on screens. Old drying sheets also work great for dusting baseboards.

Old socks

Put an old sock on your hand to dust the blinds. All you have to do is grab a section of the blinds on one side and then slide your sock-covered hand to the other side.

Coffee filters

Dust isn’t limited to your home. It also accumulates on the surfaces of your car. You can use a coffee filter to clean the dust and dirt from your car’s dashboard and other smooth surfaces.

Foam brush

To clean your car’s air vents, use one of those little foam brushes painters use for detail jobs. They fit perfectly between the ventilation levers.

Dusting might never be fun, but with these tips it can be a little easier and done more often.