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6 year old wakes up early to do household chores before going to school; LOOK


It is always nice to watch videos and pictures of young people doing funny and wacky things on the Internet. However, video footage of a six-year-old’s punctual daily schedule has completely baffled netizens. Usually six-year-olds are used to their parents, relying on them to prepare meals, clean clothes and other activities, yet this little boy does all of his daily chores before going to school. The video was first uploaded to the TikTok account ‘@ shopping666’ and has surfaced again recently on the YouTube platform.

At the start of the video clip, the little boy can be seen getting up from his bed at the sound of an alarm clock and lighting his electric fire. The boy then chooses his clothes and steam cleans them. After shaking the dirt off his clothes and getting ready, the child brushes his teeth and washes his face. In addition, the toddler made food for himself which included hard-boiled eggs, and then sat down to have breakfast.

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Later, he cleans his bowl and utensils before moving on to other chores, such as cleaning the toilet and mirror. The six-year-old was even seen washing his own clothes and mopping the carpet. Before cleaning his sneakers and heading to school, the boy brought a foot spa to his mother, who was lying on the sofa.

The video has a text insertion that reads, “My baby is six years old and he gets up at six every day to cook for himself, do the housework, and then go to school. The video was uploaded to the ‘Chai with Dude’ YouTube account, with the caption: “Viral: 6-year-old wakes up at 6 a.m., cooks himself and does chores before cooking. go to school. ”

Take a look at Kid’s viral fun video:

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