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5 household robots that will do boring chores for you


We’ve come a long way from the days of washing dishes by hand and pushing a soggy mop across the kitchen floor. Here and now, there is a smart device for every household chore that makes us cringe. From robot vacuums and mops to automated mowers that know exactly how much grass to cut and when to recharge their battery, the plethora of technology is constantly evolving. If you’re looking to save time on your daily chores or just prefer to be glued to the couch on the weekends (who wouldn’t?), we’ve put together this list of the most useful robotic companions to keep your home clean. and organized.

iRobot Roomba s9 Plus

Best robot vacuum cleaner

Roomba was unable to completely replace a full-size vacuum cleaner, but these automatic carpet cleaners are getting better every year. They’re now compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, so all you have to do to turn the vacuum on is shout a command to your favorite voice assistant, and presto. The anti-allergen dust bin holds up to 60 days of trash, and the vacuum’s improved D-shape design and 3D mapping give the robot better access to corners and baseboards. Even better, the Roomba s9 can be programmed to clean your whole house or individual rooms. It is certainly an expensive investment, but in terms of brand reputation and reliability, you will certainly not regret it.

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Robomow RS630

The best robot mower

Robomow RS630

The Roomba’s bigger, spikier sibling can work hard in the hot summer sun while you sit back and sip some lemonade. Husqvarna, Worxand Robomow® all offer robotic mowers that can take the work (and maybe the joy) out of lawn care. These machines aren’t usually as powerful as their gas-powered cousins, but since they require no manual effort and can operate on a set schedule, robot mowers can be used several times a week to keep your lawn neatly trimmed and green. Oh, and what about that lack of manpower? Today’s robot lawn mowers require a guide wire to be installed on your lawn before their first use. So, although these machines can eliminate the task of mowing the lawn, we are still waiting for a robot to replace the task of trimming the wire.

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pet safe

Automatic self-cleaning litter box

Pet Safe Automatic Litter Box

What do you call a robot that automatically changes your cat’s litter? How about Pet Safe? This automatic litter box is a set-it-and-forget-it miracle. Once assembled, the litter box automatically cleans and maintains odor and moisture control for several weeks. A built-in health meter lets you know exactly how much your cat uses the toilet, giving you an idea of ​​the kinds of things you can do to give your feline the balanced nutrition it deserves. Crystallized litter pellets won’t track through your home like regular litter would, and when it’s time to change the liner, just cover the old tray, throw it in the trash, and slide in a new one.

LG styler

The Best Clothing Management System

LG styler

How often do you go to the dry cleaners? With the LG Styler, you can bring that number down to virtually zero. The Styler gives you options like Gentle Dry with Pants Crease Care to ensure your clothes are always crisp and ironed, no matter what fabric you use them on. Steam cycles, temperature, and other relevant features can all be controlled and changed through the Styler app (iOS and Android). Best of all, the Styler reduces environmental allergens by up to 99% compared to normal cleaners, so your sweaters and linens will be fresher than ever.

iRobot Braava Jet 240

The best robot mop

iRobot Jet 240

No other company hates household chores more than iRobot. The company that inspired society to let a robot vacuum just got better so you don’t have to do other tedious chores like gutter cleaning, pool cleaning and even mopping . The iRobot Braava Jet 240 takes the hassle out of hardwood floors, for example. Braava navigates around furniture and other household items the same way Roomba vacuums do, and cleans your floor as it does. The Braava can also clean over 300 square feet in a single cleaning cycle, or expand to 1,000 square feet if your floors just need a good sweep.

Boston Dynamics Spot Mini

Boston Dynamics robot

You can see how technology can help us with physical tasks such as mowing, mopping, vacuuming and even dry cleaning, but it’s nice to wonder how else a robot could help around the house. Will we ever have a robotic butler capable of emptying the dishwasher? May be. The Boston Dynamics SpotMini just got better as a butler. Of course, this robotic dog isn’t quite ready for the real world just yet.

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