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5 Common Household Items Invented by NASA


You might not suspect cordless vacuums had anything to do with outer space, but in fact, they were the result of NASA’s need for cordless power tools. NASA was not the inventor of cordless power tools; it was the work of a company called Black & Decker in the early 60s. However, the company worked with NASA to test the creation of cordless power tools that could be used in space. As Nasa explains, he worked with the company to make cordless tools that could work in anti-gravity conditions. This allowed him to create a drill for the Apollo Moon program, and it was used to collect samples.

After this work with NASA, Black & Decker created the cordless vacuum cleaner, also known as Dustbuster, in 1979. The company’s collaboration with NASA inspired it to expand its business with more cordless tools, like a multi-tool product that could work as a drill, trimmer and vacuum cleaner. According to United States Patent and Trademark Office, Black & Decker found through market research that 92% of women found the tool’s suction feature particularly helpful. Because of this, the company decided to create the Dustbuster cordless vacuum cleaner, which went on to generate $6 billion in sales for the company.