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12 new devices that will take care of those pesky household chores


STATEN ISLAND, NY – The word “automated” basically means anything that makes something happen without human interference. Today, even the most mundane household tasks can be automated, from making coffee to writing a shopping list.

Recently, Secure IoT has compiled a list of some of the most tedious household chores that can now be automated, as reported Stacker.com. They’re perfect for those of us who don’t mind a little help here and there.

Here is a list of 12 amazing devices, designed to free you from life’s most mundane burdens:

The Grillbot methodically cleans your grill. (Courtesy of Grillbot)

Clean the grill

Cleaning the greasy and messy grates of a charcoal or gas grill is one of the dirtiest jobs of the summer season. Instead, get a grill cleaning robot, like the grillbot, who will methodically scratch them for you.

Vacuuming and mopping

Robot vacuums have been available for 10 years. They move in an inclined path, which means they eventually cover the whole room. Some even work as a dry vacuum or wet mop, like the Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Expert Pet Robot, shown above, available on Amazon.com.

Automated Tasks

Today’s smart fridges, like the Samsung Family Hub series, can actually monitor specific groceries and make you a shopping list. (Courtesy of Samsung)

Write shopping lists

Today’s smart refrigerators, like the Samsung Family Hub series, can actually monitor specific groceries and make you a shopping list based on what you put in them and the typical lifespan of the item.

Setting the thermostat

Smart thermostats are a big help for those who work away from home – and those who forget to turn off the air conditioning when they go on vacation. Devices like the Google Nest Smart Thermostat, can be controlled by smartphone or laptop.

Automated Tasks

Today, robotic lawn mowers, like the MowRo, are quite advanced. (Courtesy of MowRo)

To mow the lawn

Today, robotic lawn mowers, like the MowRo, are really advanced. They can use GPS and also be programmed to work best on your individual lawn, with the same technology used to program automated tractors. The MowRoavailable at Lowes.com, can cover up to a quarter acre on a single charge.

Automated Tasks

The Dolphin Explorer pool robot vacuum traces along the bottom of the pool, ensuring the floor is clean. (Courtesy of Dolphin)

Clean the pool

Everyone’s pool water is already cleaned automatically as it is cleaned and filtered. But now there are automated bots, like the dolphin explorer series and Intex pool robot vacuum cleaner, this track along the bottom of the pool, making sure the floor is just as clean. Pool owners can say goodbye to mysterious globes and the hassle of trying to retrieve tiny sheets from the bottom.

Adjustment of blinds

The blinds have had fancy controls for years, including the blinds built between the double glazed windows. But now, just like transition lenses in eyeglasses or streetlights on your block, blinds can actually use light-detection sensors. to change the angle to best block or let in light.

Turn off the lights

Smart switches save energy costs and also increase security around your home. They can operate on a basic timer, ensuring the lights are always on, even if you come home very late. They can also be set to turn on at sunsetlike streetlights, so your doorway is never dark.

Automated Tasks

The GE Door and Window Sensor uses sensors to indicate if someone is touching your windows or approaching your back door. (Courtesy of GE)

home security

Automated home security can take different forms, depending on your purpose. Some use cameras and lights with motion sensors, make sure everything moving things in your yard are filmed. Others, like the GE door and window sensoruse sensors to know if someone is touch your windows or approach your back door.

Automated Tasks

The Amazon Basics Timed Automatic Feeder is a great way to dispense portions of food at set times to your pets. (Courtesy of Amazon Basics)

Feed the pets

Some animals only need to be fed once or twice a day. For pet owners going on vacation or planning to be away from home for an extended period of time, automatic feeders, such as the Amazon Basics Timed Autoloader, are a great way to distribute portions of food at set times.

Slow cook dinner

Today’s automated multicookers, such as the Hamilton Beach Portable 6-Quart Set & Forget Digital Programmable Slow Cooker and the Crock Pot Programmable Slow Cooker, can do things like cook food in stages and adjust the temperature at different cooking points.

Automated Tasks

Coffee makers, like this one from Calphalon, can be set to brew at any time. (Courtesy of Calphalon)

Make coffee

With a reservoir for coffee beans and water, today’s coffee makers, like the Calphalon programmable coffee machinecan self-start and make a pot at a pre-scheduled time each day, saving busy commuters or any busy coffee drinker time.