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10 practical products to make big household chores easier


Stay-at-home orders have led many of us to re-evaluate the importance of cleanliness. In fact, the average American spent nearly three weeks cleaning their home in 2020. That’s according to new research from OnePoll, which says COVID-19 has made 79% of Americans more aware of bacteria.

That’s why 71% of people say they spent more time cleaning in 2020 than ever before. As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness. But not all of us want to spend countless hours in the never-ending battle with dirt, dust and grime.

Tap or click here for the best way to clean all the dirt and grime from your tech. You can also check out these time saving gadgets. The right tools can cut your cleaning time in half, so take a look at these cleaning tools and give it a go!

1. Hair, go!

Most of us think our showers are more than just a place to clean. It can also be a relaxing time to sit still and enjoy the hot water. But your Zen mood can be cut in half by dirt and grime.

If you don’t clean your bathroom thoroughly, you could turn your cleaning space into a petri dish for bacteria. Oh, and don’t forget about the big clumps of hair that clog your drain over time. This DrainWig 2-pack helps keep your shower clean.

It easily fits most shower drains and lets you pluck hair without touching it. It requires little maintenance and contains no chemicals. Use it and you’ll save money on plumbing bills that you would otherwise spend on unclogging drains.

2. Dust off your ceiling fans

Cleaning your ceiling fan can be difficult, especially if you’re little. But it is a job that you cannot ignore. If you don’t dust the ceiling boards, they may collect dust.

This means that when you turn it on to stay cool, dust flies in the air. Next thing you know, there’s dust in your nostrils. Dirty ceiling fans are bad for your lungs, so clean them weekly with this ceiling fan cloth:

It is an excellent tool which makes the job easier. Otherwise, you’ll have to precariously balance yourself on a chair or even drag a ladder into your room. With this long ceiling fan duster, the job is done in the blink of an eye.

3. Don’t forget your floors

Cleaning the carpet can be difficult, especially when it comes to spills and stains. When debris is encrusted in rugs, you have to get on all fours to clean them.

Or you can clean it up quickly with this carpet renovator. It comes with two brush settings: light blue for easy jobs and dark blue for areas that need deep cleaning. You can save time and money with this affordable tool, which can renew the look of your carpeted areas.

It’s a simple, inexpensive way to refresh your floors without the help of professional cleaners.

4. Make your microwave sparkle

A well-used microwave collects all kinds of food stains. The rubbing can tire your muscles and might not even wash away year-old spaghetti sauce. Save time and effort with a microwave steamer.

This Volcano Microwave Cleaner is the easiest way to clean your microwave. Simply add water and vinegar, cover with a lid, and heat for five to seven minutes. It erupts in a cloud of steam, cleaning and disinfecting everything inside.

It also softens food stains and mess, making them much easier to wipe off.

5. Brush the lint

Losing animals can create a mountain of fallen fur over time. Clean your home with this fur removal broom. It works on wood, vinyl and tile floors, as well as carpets.

Her back works like a squeegee, pulling the hair into huge clumps. Plus, it’s easy to use, with a slim, curved shape that hugs baseboards and is easy to control.

One reviewer said it worked better than their vacuum cleaner. “I didn’t even know there was hair tangled in that rug,” she said. “I thought it got dirty very quickly. And the hair just keeps coming – stuff from Twilight Zone in the center of the earth, keep coming.

6. Remove dirt

Cleaning the toilet is one of the most hated chores you can imagine. Who wants to get closer to the most unpleasant part of the house? Fortunately, you can clean the porcelain throne quickly with the Clorox ToiletWand cleaning system.

With this kit you get everything you need for a total toilet cleaning. This includes a wand, cart, and six scrub brush refills. The refill heads are prepared to disinfect and deodorize your toilets.

You can rub under the rim, around the bowl and in the flush hole. It’s an easy way to deep clean the toilet. Oh, and it deodorizes the toilet as well, so you can say goodbye to bad smells.

7. Clean your drinks on the go

If you carry water bottles, travel mugs, or tumblers, you know they can get yucky over time. Many of them are difficult to clean and require special brushes. These Bottle Bright cleaning tablets are a game-changer.

Natural cleaning tablets mean you don’t have to scrub at all. They work well for stainless steel bottles and mugs, coolers, dishes, plastic containers and more. They are individually wrapped and do not require any equipment.

8. Refresh your fridge

Sometimes your refrigerator smells weird. You identify the culprits and clean the interior, but the stench remains. Purify the air with the pureAir refrigerator, which reduces gases from rotting food.

This refrigerator deodorant purifies the air and prolongs the life of your fruits and vegetables. It can keep products fresh up to three times longer.

9. Goodbye, big gutters

Winter is fast approaching, so you should clean your gutters. Otherwise, they can collect water which turns to ice and can spill over your roof. This affordable gutter shovel comes with an extended tongue, giving you more reach when cleaning your gutters.

10. Smelly sink? Try that

Food residues can leave unpleasant odors. These grinder cleaners completely freshen up kitchen eliminations and drains. They are made with natural ingredients, so the formula is safe no matter what type of sink you have.

They keep your kitchen fresh and fresh. This is because they clean the entire grinder, side walls and blades to the underside of the splash guard. They are quick and easy to use, without any mess.

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