What is Structured Financing?

We offer the possibility of financing projects for SMEs through Structured Financing. This financing alternative allows  SMEs with more than five years in operation  the possibility of financing unique investment projects for the growth of their business , such as Research, Development and Innovation (R & D & I), machinery and expansion of operations, among others, for  a minimum amount of twenty million pesos  ( $ 20,000,000 MN), a minimum term of three years, through different structures of capital instruments according to the type of project. Working capital financing and debt restructuring, as well as financing to the financial and construction sectors, are excluded from this alternative. 

For SMEs that meet the aforementioned conditions, Structured Financing would provide long-term financial resources, with characteristics appropriate to the particular needs of each project. Once your application has been examined, Banco Santander can advise you or inform you about the financing model most appropriate to your objectives and circumstances. To request the study of the possible financing of your project through the structured Financing, it will be necessary to complete the  financing form, and send it through this website, for which, among other documentation, you must provide the following: 

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